For combined military and civil aircraft operation

A Retractable Hook Cable system reduces the risk for damages on taxiing aircraft and minimizes the wear on the runway surface compared to having a pendant cable installed across the runway with elevators (rubber donuts). A retractable system allows the hook cable to be pre-tensioned in both raised (active) and lowered position (in a groove) below the runway surface. The retractable system is referred to as BAK-14 by the USAF.

Are you interested in a well-proven, reliable, and user-friendly system that is easy to install and offers a cost-effective operation? Stop searching – look at the HK60/R60.


Retractable Hook Cable

The bi-directional HK60/R60 Retractable Hook Cable system is modular and flexible and complies with civil aviation regulations. The system is in operation by NATO and other main air forces.

Interesting features:

  • Reliable positioning detection by using durable magnetic switches
  • Easily combined with any type of energy absorber
  • NSN registration
  • Easy to replace support block



Hydraulic System

The modern hydraulic system assures maximum reliability and has replaced the old pneumatic version. In case of main power failure a battery back-up system allows the retract system to be safely operated until accumulator is emptied.

The hydraulic system features:

  • Accumulator tank for activation cycles without recharging
  • Minimum service requirements
  • No problem with leaks or condensation
  • Low cost for operation
  • Insulated cabinet and heater option for cold climate conditions


Control System

When military flight operations require the arresting system the ATC operator remotely raises the hook cable into active position by pushing one button. The position status changes from down to up on the monitoring panel accordingly. Local operation at site is also possible.

The electrical control system features:

  • Modern PLC based control system
  • Individual health monitoring on each retract mechanism
  • User friendly Operator’s Panel
  • All alarms shown in clear text
  • Communication with ATC via digital radio or fiber cable
  • UPS for full system operation in case of power failure

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