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The Energy Absorber, also called brake, gear, or arresting engine, is the most important part in setting the performance of the Aircraft Arresting System. Based on our experience in arresting military fighter aircraft, we have a complete selection of brakes especially suitable for net barrier applications, all from the original 12:3 barrier type, through the upgraded B66 brake and the optimum WT44 energy absorber.

When requesting the lowest possible investment for a reusable net barrier brake or an ICAO adopted energy absorber solution – you find them here!


The Perfect Net Barrier Brake

Based on an extremely well-proven and reliable rotary hydraulic brake concept, originally designed by the US Navy, the WT44 is modernized with metric design, for utilization of modern material standards and for the latest manufacturing methods.

Important features:

  • High energy absorption capacity
  • Self-sufficient and robust brake concept
  • Available for installation in bunker (pit)
  • Low profile minimizing the level of obstruction when installed above grade
  • Electrical mini-retrieve system or Diesel/multifuel options for tape rewind
  • Computer based simulations of performance
  • Optimization of brake performance to match operating aircraft
  • Low level of service requirement
  • Optional environmental covers available for protection against rain, sand, wind, snow, UV radiation, etc


Cost Effective Support of Light Fighters

The B66 is the latest version of the multi disc type brake upgraded to maintain a cost effective long term support. The well proven brake system is suitable in net barrier applications at military runways operated by fighter aircraft with weights up to 20 ton. The B66 energy absorber has been in use within NATO for decades. Compared to the former P6 configuration the system features:

  • One housing with two brake drums
  • One common air pressure system serving two brake drums
  • Modern air pressure system
  • Easy installation on concrete foundation
  • Less obstruction at the runway end


The Original

The multi-disc type brake originally designed by the Swedish Air Force has been in use worldwide for more than sixty years. It is the brake used in the well known 12:3 barrier.

Four brakes, two on each side of the runway, are installed in a net barrier configuration for supporting trainers and light fighter aircraft of weights up to 20 ton.

Each brake consists of one housing, one air pressure system, one brake drum and two brake units with sintered and steel discs. With a 6 ton brake force capacity the energy absorber is also suitable in net barrier solutions for arresting UAV’s.

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