Deployment at Alternative Runways

The original idea of mobile systems was to support fighters returning from missions to battle-damaged airfields. It can be a short notice requirement to deploy an arresting system at a temporary airfield or a forward airbase. There are now two types and levels of mobile systems available. The WT44/SM semi-mobile solution for the service of a number of known and site-prepared alternative runways and the MAAS fully mobile self-contained system based on trailers with USAF standard brakes for rapid installation on a range of different surfaces.

If your requirement is a planned cost-effective support for forward airbases or fully mobile versatile systems for rapid deployment, you are welcome, we have both!


Supporting Forward Airbases

A few SM systems can service a larger number of known and prepared alternative runways. Site preparation mainly comprises concrete foundation work. The SM range is based on the robust and well proven WT44 energy absorber and covers both hook cable and net barrier configurations.

All included sub-systems and necessary parts are fitted on two platforms for easy handling, transportation and storage.

The SM range features:

  • Self-sufficient, high capacity and robust brake concept
  • Diesel/multi-fuel engine powered tape rewind system
  • Capstan rewind system as back-up
  • ISO platforms designed for transportation by truck, train and C-130 aircraft
  • Platform equipped with tow bar for local transport
  • Installation time is within one day


Rapid and Flexible Deployment

“MAAS” is an US Air Force acronym for “Mobile Aircraft Arresting System”. It is basically a standard BAK-12 aircraft arresting system made mobile through installation on a MAAS trailer. Each trailer contains hydraulic tools and hardware necessary for installation and removal of the system. The ability to be installed in multiple configurations on several different surface types makes the MAAS a flexible system.

The MAAS features:

  • Self-contained system concept
  • USAF current standard mobile system
  • Diesel/Multi-fuel engine powered tape rewind system
  • Designed for transportation by truck, train and C-130 aircraft
  • Installation time is within hours
  • United States country of origin
  • Supply and support by ATECH Inc. US

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