High Performance with Flexibility

The Energy Absorber, also called brake, gear, or arresting engine, is the most important part in setting the performance of the Aircraft Arresting System. With five decades of experience in arresting fighters, we offer a unique and complete range of brakes for arresting aircraft weighing up to 40 tons. We present computer-based simulations of energy absorber performance based on specific requirements. All energy absorbers presented here are suitable in hook cable applications and all can be installed either on ground level, in set-back configuration, or below grade in bunkers (pit).

If you look for the highest possible performance together with maximum flexibility for your hook cable arresting system, the state-of-the-art computer-controlled BC11 energy absorber system is the answer. If the requirement is for a certain aircraft, the WT44 rotary hydraulic brake or the USAF standard BAK-12 are available. In any case, we have the complete range and customer optimized solutions that no other can offer!


The New World Standard

The BC11 is the first energy absorber in the world with a computerized automatic retardation control system. The innovative brake system is designed to meet the increased safety, availability and flexibility requirements of a modern air force and is selected by the USAF as the next generation arresting system.

Outstanding key features:

  • High energy absorption capacity making it the only real 40 ton brake
  • No need for manual setting of brake force between arresting light and heavy aircraft
  • Fully automatic performance by the computer controlled brake system
  • Recording of arrestment data
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics
  • All alarms shown in clear text on the user friendly Operator’s Panel
  • UPS backup for uninterrupted arresting function
  • Optional rewind systems, electrical- or diesel/multi-fuel engine
  • Modular design for minimum service requirements



The Reliable Workhorse

Based on an extremely well-proven and reliable rotary hydraulic brake concept, originally designed by the US Navy, the WT44 is modernized with metric design, for utilization of modern material standards and the latest manufacturing methods.

Interesting features:

  • High energy absorption capacity
  • Self-sufficient and robust brake concept
  • Tape rewind system powered by diesel/multi-fuel or electrical engine
  • Low profile minimizing the level of obstruction
  • Optimization of brake performance to match operating aircraft
  • Low level of service requirement
  • Optional environmental covers available for protection against rain, sand, wind, snow, UV radiation, etc.


Rotary Friction Brake

This energy absorber well known as USAF current standard is available as a complement to the modern and high performance SCAMA designed brake systems.

”BAK” is an US Air Force acronym for “Barrier Arresting Kit”. These kits are numbered basically in the order of their development and registration.

The brake features:

  • Self-sufficient brake concept
  • USAF current standard system
  • Diesel/Multi-fuel engine powered tape rewind system
  • Optional environmental covers available for protection against rain, sand, wind, snow, UV radiation etc
  • United States country of origin
  • Supply and support by ATECH Inc. US

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